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Apply for Housing

Apply for Housing

Waiting List is Currently Close to New Applicants

The Alexander City Housing Authority offers two methods for applying for housing: online application or in-person application. Here are the details for each method:

Online Application:

  • To apply online, applicants need to click on the “Online application” button below. (It will not appear when the list is closed to new applicants)
  • This will redirect them to the our SACS application website.
  • On the SACS website, applicants will have to select the type of housing application they would like to submit.
  • After selecting the appropriate application type, applicants will be required to register with the site.
  • They will need to provide the necessary information and complete all the required fields in the online application form.
  • Once the application is submitted online, it will be processed by the Alexander City Housing Authority.

In-Person Application:

  • In-person applicants must request an appointment by visiting the Alexander City Housing Authority office located at 2110 County Road, Alexander City, Alabama 35010.
  • The office is open for appointments from Monday to Thursday.
    The office hours for appointments are divided into two slots: 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5:30pm.
  • The office is closed for lunch from 12:30pm to 1pm daily.
  • During the requested appointment, the applicant will be provided with the necessary application forms and guidance to complete the process.
  • They will need to fill out the application form with the required information and submit it to the Alexander City Housing Authority representative.

Applicants have the option to choose between these two methods based on their convenience and preference. The online application offers a self-service option, allowing applicants to complete the process at their own pace, while the in-person application provides the opportunity for face-to-face assistance and guidance from the housing authority staff.