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Public Housing Capital Fund Program

Public Housing Capital Fund Program

The Capital Fund Program (CFP) is a grant funded by Housing and Urban Development(HUD) for the modernization and development of public housing that is outside the scope of routine maintenance.
The funds may be used for the development, financing, and modernization of public housing developments and for management improvements.


  • Borrowing money
  • Creating unique homeownership programs based on local need
  • Developing new housing, including mixed-income properties. Leasing units within existing privately-owned complexes
  • Converting public housing to Section 8 Housing Vouchers


The funds may not be used for:

  • Luxury improvements
  • Direct social services
  • Cost funded by other HUD programs
  • Ineligible activities as determined by HUD on a case-by-case basis
  • Routine Maintenance
HUD has linked the CFP funding process to the submittal of the ACHA Agency Plan. The Reform Act, which created the CFP, also affirmed a number of other policy options, which provide Housing Authorities an unprecedented degree of flexibility when contemplating the use of capital funds to accomplish its goals as stated in its mission statement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the residents of our community to gain access to decent, affordable, quality housing, by achieving self-sufficiency through education and support services
The ACHA Five Year Plan describes the mission of the ACHA and the ACHA’s long-range goals and objectives for achieving its mission over the subsequent five years.
The Housing Authority prepares the CFP Five Year Plan and Annual Statement in line with HUD requirements. The capital needs planning process is performed on an ongoing basis and includes:
  • Inspection reports,
  • Resident comments gathered throughout surveys,
  • Resident meetings, and
  • Maintenance personnel input and,
  • Results of monitoring by HUD
The process allows for the identification and allocation of funds to various capital projects. Once the PHA is confident that the planning process has been fully addressed, it moves into the implementation phase.
The CFP Staff is responsible for planning and coordinating the construction projects in a timely manner. Planning and scheduling are the keys to ensure performance indicators are being met and funds expended as scheduled.
The Capital Fund Department administers and assures HUD, State, and Local regulation requirements.
The administrative duties for the Capital Fund Department are inclusive of the following:
  • Resident/Public Meetings
  • Preparation of Budgets
  • Preparation of HUD Reports such as Annual Statements, Performance and Evaluation Reports and other related reports, such as labor standard reports
  • Provide safety training and implement safety regulations

The Force Account staff is responsible for major renovations within the developments.  These major renovations are distinct and different from the ordinary routine maintenance.

An example of daily tasks involves general carpentry, painting (inclusive of tape and float), plumbing and electrical work.

For more information about the Capital Fund click here to go to HUD’s website.